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Body Treatments - TruSculpt® iD
B Cosmetics is excited to offer TruSculpt® iD, a revolutionary non-surgical, body-sculpting treatment that allows you to personalize your ideal body in as little as one 15-minute treatment. TruSculpt® iD technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks. With truSculpt iD, you can get the body definition you want in stubborn areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

What is TruSculpt® iD and how does it work?

TruSculpt iD is an in-clinic body contouring treatment aimed at reducing areas of stubborn excess subcutaneous fat. TruSculpt iD is a non-invasive treatment using innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it causing apoptosis (programmed cellular death) of the targeted fat cells.
The cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally. Average of 24% fat reduction is achieved in just one treatment. The RF also stimulates collagen and elastic production resulting in improved skin tone, texture and laxity.

What area does TruSculpt® iD treat?


  • Abdomen
  • Flanks
  • Buttocks
  • Inner Thighs
  • Upper Arms
  • Back
  • Bra Budge
  • Submental (Under Chin) Region

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Treatment Summary

TruSculpt® iD is suitable for all skin types and can be treated over tattoos. You need to be above the age of 18 to have this treatment. At B Cosmetics we are committed to providing a safe and supportive environment for all our patients. We understand the challenges people face trying to feel comfortable and confident with their body. Whilst TruSculpt® iD is effective at treating stubborn pockets of fat cells it is not intended as a complete weight loss treatment. TruSculpt® iD complements a healthy lifestyle but certainly doesn’t replace it. The best candidates are relatively active and fit already with stubborn pockets of fat.

Prior to booking a TruSculpt treatment all clients require a consultation with one of our doctors.

A consultation with one of our doctors is required prior to having a TruSculpt® iD to make sure this treatment is appropriate for you. Your consultation involves a full assessment and provides you the opportunity to discuss your area(s) of concern and expectations. You will also have clinical photography so we can monitor your treatment outcome and progress. Our consultation process is a very important step in tailoring a treatment plan specifically for you that is appropriate and safe, whilst addressing your concerns.

TruSculpt® iD is a comfortable and safe treatment with no downtime. Decals are placed over the treatment area. Energy delivery is adjusted to reach and sustain a therapeutic temperature of over 45°C in the fat layer, while the skin temperature consistently stays 3-4°C cooler. The sensation is often likened to that of a hot stone massage. During treatment, the temperature of your skin will rise but remain comfortable. It’s effective, safe, and the results are even and consistent.

Procedure time depends on the size and number of treatment areas. It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire.

Post-procedure, the treatment area will be warm and flushed for less than one hour.
While you may experience mild sensitivity to the touch for a few days, you’ll be able to immediately return to normal activities and exercise.

It is normal for the treatment area to appear warm and flushed. this will typically resolve over a couple of hours. Some people experience mild sensitivity to touch for a couple of days.

Although serious side effects are rare with TruSculpt® iD, all energy base devices carry risks. Rare side effects include but are not limited to:

  • Firm edemic lumps may appear in the treatment area 24-72 hours post treatment, while not an exactly a complication they may take several weeks to resolve.
  • Pain in the treatment areas.
  • Wounds: blistering, burning, crusting, and scabbing.
  • Bleeding under the areas of the return pad.
  • Hyper or hypo pigmentation.
  • Petechiae outside the treatment area
  • Scaring
  • Infection

Comprehensive after care information and emergency contact details for our clinic will be provided after your treatment.

TruSculpt iD is not suitable for you if you have a pacemaker, have metal implants in the area to be treated or are currently pregnant. During your consultation your suitability for TruSculpt is assessed including screening for contraindications.

A consultation with one of our doctors is required prior to having a TruSculpt® iD to make sure this treatment is appropriate for you. Your consultation involves a full assessment and provides you the opportunity to discuss your area(s) of concern and expectations. 

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